The innovative proptech solution for estate agents

Intelligent lead generation tool to discover competitor’s property

Automate canvassing and marketing campaigns

Instant prospecting Letter Generation and win more instructions

Track all properties, full visibility for property movements

Complete property history and analytics

Automated algorithm to generate accurate property data

Easily keep track of marketing activities of competitors

Real-time, unique data insights

Grow your market share with Estahub Prospecting Tool

Discover All Your Competitor’s Property

Estahub’s smart prospecting tool identifies and generates the full addresses of all the properties currently on the market for sale.

sample screenshot of property management in estahub software

Property Data Insights

Estahub delivers complete insights on the property by generating complete historical data like previous sales data, sold prices, estimated market price, price reductions, time on market, and the competitor agent who currently lists the property.

sample screenshot of Full Letting Account Functionality

Instant Prospecting Letter Generation

Estahub’s smart prospecting tool helps you increase your market share by automating your canvassing campaigns and generates targeted letters specifically for each seller at the click of a button.

sample screenshot of esthub software maintenance
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Win Instructions

Timing is the key to winning instructions and Estahub’s smart tool helps you to generate full addresses intelligently and timely. This means you own more data, which leads to more letters and Win more instructions.

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Intelligent and Efficient Prospecting

You can easily prospect multiple properties quickly and easily with our one-click letter generation tool. The tool generates the most updated property data which helps you to respond to new instructions instantaneously.

Real-time Visibility on Property Movement

The tool constantly monitors and discovers the complete data of withdrawn properties and fall-throughs, which helps you to custom design your re-marketing. You can search by postcode to get the real-time property market movements including sold properties, price reductions, and new instructions.

sample screenshot of esthub Agency Reporting
sample screenshot of esthub Agency Reporting

Manage Unlimited Users
and User Activities

Our intelligent prospecting tool comes with a user-centric dashboard that can manage any number of users and branches with ease, with user access privileges and permissions. All user activities are time-stamped and verified for ensuring data security.

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The Ultimate Property Database

Leverage the power of data and effectively utilise your existing database with our smart instruction generation tool. Easily migrate to the Estahub Software package or we help you to migrate our prospecting tool to your property database.

sample screenshot of esthub Agency Reporting

Real-time Verified data

The tool collects and verifies the property data and only presents the most accurate data for prospecting. The smart tool instantly removes any irrelevant properties that are under offer, withdrawn, or sold and updates the database in real-time.

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Smart Marketing Campaigns

With an in-depth knowledge of your whole market, you can advise your clients with genuine recommendations. Our tool helps you to build credibility with full market coverage and boost sellers' confidence in you.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Estahub’s advanced prospecting tool instantly alerts you about any property you have taken on after canvassing and also provides complete reports on its successful history. It also generates custom-built reports on prospecting and ROI which in turn add value to the business and helps to attain operational intelligence.

sample screenshot of Easy Viewing on Any Device